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Truly the best Jiu Jitsu academy. Chad, the owner is extremely talented and experienced and puts his heart and soul into what he does. You will not regret choosing Otimo Jiu Jitsu and you will be learning from the best. Chad has an extensive background in Jiu Jitsu, aikido, yoga, and wrestling. He has a NJ state wrestling champion title as well!

Don’t second guess this place if you are looking for excellent training in martial arts, this is IT!

Crystal Z.

Otimo is my first time learning BJJ and I am so happy to have crossed paths with this gym. Everyone there has zero ego and is always willing to help you. I would recommended this gym to any newcomer in BJJ.

Luis N.

I dropped in from out of town (Scranton,Pa.) and these guys welcomed me with open arms. Great bunch of guys,  everyone was very friendly and everyone introduced themselves to me and were all very helpful. Chad, the owner, is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet. Highly recommend for beginners, out-of-towners or anyone looking to get on a good roll.

Robert M.

I love Otimo BJJ, friendly environment, professional and freedom.  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to train learn and have fun 😊

Rudy B.

Chad is an excellent coach with decades of experience teaching. The community is warm, welcoming, and full of hard working members passionate about jiu jitsu. No egos here. If you're serious about getting better as a martial artist and human being, look no further. This is the place for you.

Boris U.

Started training here about 1 month. This is my first experience with BJJ and so far Chad has made it a great experience. All of those who train here are genuinely invested in each other's development with the sport. Ego does not seem to be a factor at this gym. I'll continue to train here as long as I can.

Shane A.

I have been to a lot of BJJ gyms and I can tell you that Otimo is by far the best in the area. The vibe is always positive, and everyone looks out for each other and checks their ego at the door. Newcomers are welcomed and immediately made to feel like part of the team unlike what I have seen and experienced at some other gyms. The quality of the instruction becomes evident when you see Otimo white belts who are more skilled than some purple belts at other gyms. Also, they don't nickel and dime you for every single thing like some of the bigger gyms. If you drop by I am sure you will have the same experience.

Gary D.

I've trained at Otimo for a little over a year now and I couldn't recommend it any more! The instruction is high level while still being a friendly environment for beginners. In my eyes the culture is what separates this academy from others in the area. On the mats there is a sense of community and egos are left at the door. It is a perfect blend of younger guys looking to eventually compete as well as people with careers who are looking for a hobby to keep themselves in shape.

Pat C.

I highly recommend this spot. Great group of people!

Christian B.

Great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school!

Mariia C.

Tim Shirley the founder of Ótimo Jiu Jitsu created a learning environment that is both safe & effective for competitive BJJ and those who want to learn an effective martial art and get in great physical shape. With the new location in Hawthorne students now have the opportunity to train striking and more self-defense. Also a great school to learn takedowns & wrestling.

Chad Y.

Cant Recommend BJJ at otimo enough. It has truly changed my life


Great environment for beginners and experienced alike; training regimen allows for quick learning

Victor A.

Tim’s a good guy and an excellent instructor, the facility's top notch, and the crew of regulars are very welcoming and willing to teach. Otimo’s found the right balance of skill introduction / application / review  to technique-based v. free rolling. Love this place!

Magnus S.

This is a great place to learn BJJ and get in shape--I've lost 15lbs in a few months. Any martial art training can seem intimidating, but Tim has created a great learning environment. His teaching style is highly detailed without making you feel overwhelmed.
A few years ago I tried BJJ for a couple of months in NYC, and was memorizing techniques without really learning/understanding the important details of form and possible adjustments.

It's been a much better experience at Otimo because Tim is helping me really learn why a specific grip, arm or knee placement is important.
I've trained here for 3 months and my only cvomplaint is that I wish my schedule allowed me to train more often. It's physically and mentally challenging in ways that other exercises can't match. I'd highly recommend BJJ, and Otimo is the best place to learn.

Dan R.

Ótimo Jiu Jitsu Academy has the best instruction in bergen county. Tim is very friendly and has 12 years of experience under his professor; World Champion, Daniel Beleza. Tim has traveled all around the country competing in tournaments and has an impressive amount of gold medals. It is a privilege and an honor to train in this gym.

Dan P.

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